8th June 2018

From bold rings to contrasting layers, there’s plenty of ways to inject some sunshine into your wardrobe this summer. Words by Laura McCreddie-Doak.

SS18 Hot Right Now - Go For The Drop

69151 | £1,695


From Chanel to Isabel Marant, earrings that skimmed the shoulders, or even surpassed them, were the ear candy du jour. Earrings have not been this big, both literally and figuratively, since the 1980s, however, rather than opting for plastic and primary colours, this time around the trend feels informed by the decadence of the Art Deco or Belle Époque eras. Go all out in white gold and diamonds for serious opulence and leave your shoulders bare.

ROX Diamond Drop Earrings 0.37cts

69158 | £1,095

Elongated Elegance

69558 | £695
69157 | £995


Summer means going a little bare and this season, if the Hollywood awards red carpets are anything to go by, that means wearing your tuxedo jacket with nothing underneath. Which is why it makes sense to use your revealed décolleté as a canvas against which to showcase the latest range of drop pendants. These elongated forms add a touch of drama to a more masculine silhouette and are the perfect way to flip the dinner suit from drab to daring.

ROX Diamond Drop Pendant 0.29cts

69562 | £995

Mixed Metals

67848 | £795
66243 | £9,995
67162 | £695


Unless you’re the Queen matchy-matchy is not the best look. And for 2018 that also applies to your engagement and wedding rings. In past years, the look has been rings that are either the same metal or even ones that will eventually be interlinked to become one single piece, however, for SS18 it’s all about the contrast. Layer rose and yellow gold or put platinum – whatever you do make sure you mix it up.

ROX Diamond Stacking Ring 0.22cts

63184 | £995

ROX Diamond Hexagon Stacking Ring 0.13cts

69324 | £650

ROX Diamond Brilliant Cut Stacking Ring 0.20cts

67841 | £395

Look To The Right

69140 | £3,295


It’s so easy to get fixated on the type of ring that is going to go on your left hand – the third finger of the left hand to be precise – that your right hand, and all its adornment possibilities get put to one side. Which is ridiculous because this where you can have some fun. Right hand rings are the perfect way to create a truly statement look, leaving a twinkle in your eye as well as on your finger. When there’s not the obligation to let that diamond shine, there’s no rules, just the ones you make for yourself.

ROX Diamond Brilliant Cut Dress Ring 1.34cts

69130 | £3,695

ROX Diamond Cocktail Ring 1.12cts

69325 | £2,800

Delicate Sparkle

66702 | £375
68987 | £65


There was no escaping the influx of pretty pieces when it came to Fashion Week in London. While designers in Paris went all out with some spectacular showstoppers, a little closer to home there was a real spotlight on delicate sparkle. Teamed with wafting New Romantic style blouses and loose-fit shorts, shimmering diamonds have the ability to take your style from every day glamour to evening chic.

ROX Diamond Solitaire Necklace 0.12cts

65786 | £450

ROX Diamond Rubover Pendant 0.09cts

68883 | £395

Regal Wristwear

69177 | £695
69165 | £995


Game of Thrones might have been off our screens for a little while but its sartorial influence is still being felt. Gucci populated its operating theatre at Milan Fashion Week with doublets and baby dragons, while Alexander McQueen showed gowns that Cersei Lannister would raze the Seven Kingdoms to own. Jewellery-wise this means the return of the torque bangle and it is so adaptable. It is a style that is classic enough not to be a summer fling but has that air of charming decadence about it that makes it the ideal accompaniment to any style this season.

ROX Diamond Bangle 0.20cts

69164 | £1,495

ROX Diamond Torque Bangle 0.26cts

69162 | £895


Woman of Influence


The ROX Woman: Mastering the art of forward thinking independence. Strong, confident and intelligent our Woman of Influence is a champion of individuality. Not afraid to wear her style on her sleeve, she is a lady of distinction continually pushing the boundaries in the name of equality and empowerment.

Sheer Delight


Soft and flowing fabrics dominated the runways once again all in the name of transparency. Designers such as Helmut Lang and Emporio Armani took a less is more approach for fabric choice this season, with a firm focus on embracing sheer designs. Think of it as decent exposure!

Red Carpet Glamour


Chopard has been decking out the stars of the French film festival for 20 years, we look back at some of its greatest hits. Words by Laura McCreddie-Doak.