14th October 2021

… to this year’s bumper issue of ROX Magazine, in which we unabashedly take our cues from a single word:


Last winter it was ‘together’, as we tentatively eased out of isolation (or so we thought) but now we really are, finally, back together – which really is something to be happy about. And as luck would have it, ROX finds itself specifically in the business of ‘joy’, so you’ve come to the right place.

Proposals, marriages, graduations, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, plain old self-indulgence (though perhaps not extravagant apologies): all occasions of joy marked by jewellery or a fine wristwatch. Eternal totems of positivity, imbued with increasingly fuzzy feelings the longer they’re worn, generation to generation.

More than the objects per se, however, it’s the experience of discovering and sometimes even designing them that brings as much joy – which is where ROX excels, beyond the seasonal cultivation of their window displays. Anyone who’s had a few hazy evenings at one of our parties will know all too well. Any couple that’s spent a relaxed Saturday afternoon choosing their dream wedding rings, also. Or perhaps something from this very magazine has chimed, inspiring you to take the plunge on that Hublot.

It’s all about connecting, for the best reasons going. And it’s a joy to be in that very business.

Wishing you happier-than-usual reading.

Hublot Big Bang Unico King Gold Watch 44mm

Hublot Watch
76846 | £33,000


ROX Love Diamond Ring
77923 | £9,500


Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinkski Black Magic 40mm Watch

Hublot Watch
76275 | £11,200



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