13th October 2016

There is an engagement ring for every personality, from unique fancy cuts to regal asscher cuts and striking yellow diamonds.  Rachael Taylor talks diamonds to help you find ‘the one’ for you.


With a soft colour that complements all skin tones, it is easy to see why wearable rose gold has become so popular. Its appealing pinkish hue is achieved by adding copper to the mix of metals blended with pure gold to make it strong enough for goldsmiths to work with. This modern classic is so much more than a passing fashion, and now forms a holy trinity of gold shades alongside white and yellow. And its blush tones contrast beautifully against fiery white diamonds.

66011 | £5,100


Your engagement ring is the only accessory you will never change with the seasons, which is why classic styles are so popular. Yet classic needn’t mean boring, and there are many ways to introduce a little twist. Seek out design flourishes like sharpened talon-style claws to hold the diamond in place, or a flash of diamond pavé secreted beneath the solitaire – that are subtle enough to last the distance, but remarkable enough to keep it interesting.

62182 | £11,500


Fancy supersizing your diamond? Of course you do. A clever way to do this and stay on budget is to choose an engagement ring style that loops your central diamond with a tightly packed outline of smaller diamonds – a design known as a halo. A flash from a distance will create the illusion of one large stone. Halos also work well to accentuate a contrasting stone, such as a sapphire or yellow diamond, as well as generally upping the sparkle power.

61930 | £3,700


Her sister’s royal ring inspired myriad brides-to-be, and now Pippa Middleton’s own engagement ring is the most talked about, and aspired to, sparkler of the year. Pippa’s ring has a large Asscher-cut diamond set within a diamond-studded Art Deco frame. For those wishing to emulate Pippa’s sophisticated look, try Vintage styles set with lustrous square-shaped Asscher-cut diamonds, which are prized for creating a hypnotic Hall of Mirrors-style optical illusion.

64211 | £2,995


Olivia Palermo, Kelly Clarkson and Iggy Azalea each broke with tradition by eschewing the traditional white diamond for an engagement ring set with a sunshine-yellow diamond. As well as being strikingly beautiful, these gems are incredibly rare. Less than 0.1% of all the diamonds unearthed from the worlds mines are yellow, which makes your intense yellow diamond even more special and rare.

66086 | £14,500


A round diamond might be what your mind evokes when you visualise an engagement ring, but there are plenty more diamond cuts to choose from, and each has its own benefit. Pear shapes, emerald cuts and marquise diamonds elongate the finger. Oval diamonds carry all the sparkle of a round brilliant but stretch it over a larger surface area for a bigger look. And hard-working princess and oval cuts use extra facets to hide inclusions whilst simultaneously delivering extra sparkle.

61786 | £9,995
61797 | £5,895
61767 | £5,495


For brides-to-be who have fallen for this year’s hip delicate diamond jewels, this could be The One. Engagement rings set solitaires atop demure, yet luxurious, strips of diamonds that dance across the finger, seemingly uninhibited by heavy metal settings. For true understated chic, opt for a subtle half-carat round diamond that almost blends in, or draw attention to the delicacy of the diamond band with a marquise that kicks out in opposite directions.

66231 | £6,495


Cushion Cut Diamond Ring


Celebrities with flawless looks, enviable wardrobes and sparkling social lives inspire us on a daily basis. So whether you’re a Lady Di or a Gossip Girl, follow Rachael Taylor’s guide to diamond cuts and their celebrity owners to help find “the one” for you.

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