23th November 2015

With five luxury candles to choose from, ROX Luxe offers elegant scents with beautiful glass designs to refresh and invigorate your home. Relax and bask in the warming scents of the season.

ROX Luxe Candle

What is it that we love so much about candles? Is it the delicious fragrance that can change the atmosphere of a room? Is it the calming flickers of light created at the strike of a match? What compels us to find the perfect scent?

To love a candle is to embrace the fantasy and create the perfect surrounding for your new scent. There’s a sense of nostalgia that goes hand in hand with buying a new candle. A new scent can transport us to a time and place or even evoke memories of the past.

A candle can also represent your future. It emits a scent you wish to remember for the year, the next 10 years, and the next 50 years. The scent of a candle has the ability to stay with you for years building memories to love. It can create the home you want to share with a new scent and the ones you love. A candle helps build ambiance that you dream of whilst creating magic and comfort at home.

So which candle will be your new favourite scent? Is it fresh and awakening Lime & Rhubarba? Or party starting Champaca Rhum? Or heavenly and loving Orchidea? Or maybe you’ll fall in love with our new releases, Vetiver Kashmir and Burning Embers? A flick of a match begins a delicate light show illuminating through the unique design on the glass of your new favourite aroma.

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Finding the right candle can be an important choice for your home. Made exclusively for ROX, each fragrance has been formulated by an acclaimed Parisian perfumier to create luxury candles with the purest natural ingredients in the world.

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