20th February 2019

Let’s be honest, there’s no escaping the charm of a denim shirt. The ultimate all-rounder a dreamy denim shirt offers a whole world of style opportunities. Take your look to the next level by layering necklaces for a unique look.

The Classic

ROX Diamond Necklace 0.11cts £450 (68634), ROX Bamboo Gold Pendant £245 (64846), ROX Orbit Silver Pendant £95 (70745), ROX Orbit Torque Silver Bangle £95 (70752), ROX Diamond Bracelet 0.14cts £450 (66697), ROX Diamond Eternity Ring 0.33cts £1,875 (69773), ROX Yellow Diamond Halo Ring 0.99cts, ROX Diamond Ring 0.14cts £495 (69208)

ROX Diamond Solitaire Necklace 0.11cts

ROX Diamond Necklace 0.11cts
68634 | £450

ROX Bamboo Gold Pendant

ROX Bamboo Gold Pendant
64846 | £245

ROX Diamond Bracelet 0.15cts

ROX Diamond Bracelet 0.14cts
66697 | £450

ROX Classic Multi Row Circle Pendant

ROX Orbit Silver Pendant
70745 | £95

The Classic


Don’t be afraid to mix and match silver and diamond pieces. More is more after all.

The Classic
The Classic