November 25 2020

To a ROX Magazine that, like everything this year, is rather different. Regular readers might already recognise our names, usually adorning ROX’s respective ‘Woman’ and ‘Man’ magazines: Laura McCreddie-Doak (hi!) and Alex Doak (hey there!). Your dynamic husband-and-wife writing duo, thrust together in print, as tightly as March’s marching orders thrust us housebound, whether we liked it or not.

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This year, more than ever before, it’s time to celebrate life with the ones we love. Living life to the full and cherishing special moments has always been at the heart of the ROX experience but this year it feels all the more important. We have brought together ROX MAN and ROX WOMAN into one beautiful publication inspired by the power of coming together and enjoying life’s luxuries with your loved ones this Christmas.

Autumn/Winter 20

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